pmdtechnologies announces the CamBoard pico XS, the smallest Time-of-Flight 3D camera worldwide

    pmdtechnologies announced the CamBoard pico XS, which had its debut during CES and has therefore already been warmly received by the technology blogs. A form factor of 39.5x15.5x4mm makes it the smallest depth camera worldwide and a significantly improved thermal management leads to a self-heating of less than 10 degree Celsius in typical use cases. A MIPI-compliant interface makes it an excellent candidate for integration into devices. pmdtechnologies aims to provide rich added value to devices via integrated pmd Time-of-Flight depth sensing. The CamBoard pico XS utilizes the IRS1010C chip, which was jointly developed by pmdtechnologies and Infineon Technologies AG.

    Integration flexibility

    Due to the small form factor, the 3D depth sensing technology can be integrated where it is needed and the three-dimensional world in front of a device or screen can be observed as it is: Real 3D.

    Touchless gesture control

    NimbleUX, which is co-developed with 3Gear Systems will be available for the CamBoard pico XS like for its predecessor the CamBoard pico S. "We aim to provide our customers the most advanced and intuitive touchless gesture control capability for the CamBoard picoXS as well", says Jochen Penne, Director Business Development at pmdtechnologies. The use cases, which can be addressed with nimbleUX, range from touchless operating system control to interaction with virtual reality environments, which are provided by devices like Oculus Rift.

    3D scanning

    The ability to precisely scan the world in 3D is taken to a new level with the CamBoard pico XS. Based on an improved and sophisticated illumination, this small depth camera, enables the creation of dense 3D models of objects and scenes for Augmented Reality, 3D printing, and more. "We are proud to offer a powerful depth sensor, which will bring the exciting possibility to scan precisely in 3D to manifold devices ranging from AiO to tablets." says Dr. Bernd Buxbaum, CEO of pmdtechnologies. The CamBoard pico XS is made available to OEM/ODM customers of pmd as a reference design to investigate depth sensor integration and application development.