We do not want to change your way of interacting.
We want to improve it.
CamBoard pico
The CamBoard pico provides the real 3D data, which is the robust foundation for developing your applications. This 3D data is processed by nimble pmd and enables the creation of truly comfortable user experiences. The best camera position is below the screen you want to interact with – for gorilla-arm free interactions, which do not require you to lift your arm. Curl your fingers, point at the sensor, rotate your hand – no special hand pose is required.
nimble dashboard
We leverage the CamBoard pico in combination with nimble pmd to enable you to build applications with a great user experience. nimble dashboard is a cutting-edge implementation of touchless Windows 8 control: browse the web, watch videos, control your OS with gestures - all while your arms are comfortably resting on the desk.
So do not learn gestures.
Just use them.
nimble pmd
nimble pmd gesture middleware tracks the position and orientation of a user’s hands as well as the individual finger joints and fingertips. Choose between pre-defined gesture or define your own to add just the right touchless user experience to your application. We provide simple examples to make it easy to get started.

nimble UX - the hardware and
software necessary to create a
unique touchless user experience.

nimble UX
Build touchless user interfaces with nimble UX.
Start interacting, enhance productivity, play.

gesture middleware for a full 3D hand model Introducing nimble UX.

tracks both hands and all your fingers in 3D nimble UX meets the Oculus Rift
use predefined gestures or define your own The CamBoard pico XS also works with nimble UX.

nimble pmd.
Make interacting with computers
as natural as interacting with
the real world.

gesture middleware for a full 3D hand model nimble pmd understands the 3D structure of your hand in the 3D world.

tracks both hands and all your fingers in 3D It enables tracking of all your fingers and both of your hands.
use predefined gestures or define your own Define your own gestures for a custom user experience.

Touchless Windows 8 gesture control
that is comfortable, powerful and easy to use.

mouse curser moving with pointing gesture Start interacting with just a flick of your finger.

mouse scroll gesture Browse the web, watch videos, control your OS with gestures.
opening windows 8 app menu with swipe gesture All while your arms are comfortably resting on the desk.

nimble UX is designed for consumer, automotive and industrial use cases.
Development kits will be available in limited quantities upon request, starting in January 2014.
Please contact us

nimble UX DevKit

nimble UX has been co-developed by pmd and 3Gear Systems/ NimbleVR. After the recent acquisition of Nimble VR by Oculus (https://www.oculus.com/blog/nimble-vr-13th-lab-and-chris-bregler-join-oculus/), we are in the process of determining if and how we will continue to offer nimbleUX. Please expect an update in a few weeks. Nevertheless, the CamBoard pico S is still available with the PMDSDK. Click >more< to order a CamBoard pico S.



Video: 3Gear´s nimble gestural interactions

Watch 3Gear´s latest demo of nimble gestural interactions based on Nimble UX with the CamBoard pico S - smooth and comfortable gesture control.



CES 2014, @engadget Hands-On: nimble UX & CamBoard pico XS

@engadget Exclusive: "PMD's CamBoard Pico XS is the tiniest gesture camera we've ever seen (video)"



engadget: PMD's nimble UX platform gives computers super accurate touchless gesture controls

Dec 12th, 2013 nimble UX review @engadget



nimble UX

Dec 10th, 2013 - pmd announces nimble UX a development kit for touchless gesture control, co-developed with 3Gear Systems Inc. nimble UX provides accurate tracking of all ten of a user’s fingers to allow natural, subtle and comfortable gestural user experiences.