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The first Time-of-Flight 3D chip with unrestricted availability

The first commercially available 3D chip

The pmd PhotonICs® 19k-S3 is the world’s first commercial 3D chip with unrestricted availability. Based on
pmd´s Time-of-Flight depth sensing technology the image sensor enables versatile applications based on 3D
imaging. The 3rd dimension yields an advantage in many use cases where 2D imaging is stretched to its limits.

pmd´s ToF chips deliver both – a robust depth map and simultaneously a 2D grayscale image, added value
for a confident 3D measurement.

3D imaging for versatile applications

The pmd chip is not affected by extraneous light due to the patented SBI technology (Suppression of Background Illumination) and can therefore be used both indoors and outdoors, in daylight and night conditions.

The chip´s pixel resolution facilitates accurate tracking of fingers for precise gesture control even on HD displays,
10 and more fingers can be recognized at the same time. The high frame rate prevents motion artifacts caused by
fast moving objects. Quick swipes and fast click movements can be detected flawlessly with clever algorithms
based on the 3D depth map to create an enhanced user experience.

Not only close range gesture control but also long range applications are enabled by pmd´s very scalable
technology – depending on the 3D camera module layout.

Selected key features at a glance

  • First commercially available 3D Time-of-Flight (ToF) image sensor
  • Standard CMOS technology
  • Simultaneous recording of depth map and 2D grayscale images
  • Fast read-out clock of 15 MPixel/s
  • Depth measurement quality independent of ambient light

Type of Sensor

Array Size

Pixel pitch

Modulation frequency

Read-out clock

Power Consumption

Power supply

Digital input

Digital output

ESD protection

Temperature range


Package Size

Package Height


PMD PhotonICs® 19k-S3



Up to 80MHz





3.3V – 5V CMOS


-40°C to +85°C

TLCC40 12x12mm²




With SBI (Suppression of Background Illumination)




Triple read out structure with 5MHz clock (each). Max load 30pF.

@ 3ms integration time, 5MHz readout speed.

min: 4.9V / max. 5.1V

For TTL: HIGH > 2.0V; LOW < 0.8V

HIGH >4.5V(2.8V); LOW < 0.4V



Bare die on request



For detailed information and advice, please contact the pmd team at

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