pmd[vision]® CamBoard nano
Dimensions: 37 x 30 x 25 mmField of view: 90° x 68°Framerate: < = 90 fps
CamBoard nano - a developer tool for 3D gesture apps and other use cases

Small 3D camera prototype for developers

Designed around the pmd PhotonICs® 19k-S3 chip the pmd[vision]® CamBoard nano is a developer tool for 3D gesture applications and other close-range use cases.

The CamBoard nano is equipping our customers with an operational development platform. It facilitates the design of application-specific 3D Time-of-Flight camera systems, enabling the reduction of innovation cycles.

1 LED. 1 image sensor. That´s it!

As a USB powered device the CamBoard nano offers low power consumption in conjunction with a small form factor. The high frame rate prevents motion artifacts caused by fast moving objects. Delivering depth map and gray value image data simultaneously it is possible to analyze scenes based on 3D data only or in combination with 2D data.


  • 3D Time-of-Flight (ToF) prototype camera
  • fast framerate for detecting even fast objects
  • wide field of view for a large interaction space
  • USB 2.0 powered
  • Software package for data processing and visualization

Type of Sensor


Field of View


Illumination Wavelength

Power Supply



PMD PhotonICs® 19k-S3

< = 90 fps

90° x 68°

37 x 30 x 25 mm

850 nm

USB Powered



With SBI (Suppression of Background Illumination)





5 V @ 500 mA

SDK delivered with reference design to enable integration
of pmd sensor into applications

For detailed information and advice, please contact the pmd team at

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