Depth matters - ultra-thin 3D imaging. CamBoard pico and CamBoard pico S

Depth matters! Integrating small and ultra-thin 3D imaging

Time-of-Flight (ToF) 3D technology enables intuitive natural user interfaces (NUIs) by sensing even fast and subtle movements of finger and hand gestures. The pmd[vision]® CamBoard picoS is a 3D camera reference design , built around the Infineon® 3D Image Sensor – based on pmd´s ToF depth sensing technology. The small, thin form factor and low power consumption enables the integration of depth sensing systems into consumer electronic devices like All-in-On PCs, notebooks and tablets. Read more

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Infineon® 3D Image Sensor

The Infineon 3D Image Sensor IRS10x0C is the most integrated and sophisticated Time-of-Flight imager available for touchless natural user interfaces. It embeds a high performance ToF pixel-matrix from pmdtechnologies and is manufactured in Infineon's volume-proven CMOS process which enables the integration of the photosensitive area together with mixed signal circuitry into a single chip.
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