High efficiency

pmd intelligence – all in one

pmd ToF technology enables fast and efficient 3D imaging by delivering 2D and 3D information at the same time for each pixel. At fulfilling the maximum possible in terms of functions integrated in one chip and by using a standard CMOS process depth sensing becomes profitable. Systems based on pmd technology are highly streamlined and economic as the relevant 3D information is available immediately and the depth map calculation requires only simple algorithms. Besides that the 2D image can be used as a quality indicator which makes additional effort redundant.


pmd intelligence – prepared for every situation

Based on active illumination and using the patented SBI (suppression of background illumination) circuitry pmd chips, respectively pmd-based 3D camera systems, are very robust against ambient light. pmd´s Time-of-Flight technology works in absolute darkness as well as in full sunlight. Neither projected patterns nor structured textures are needed for the depth information, also an exact mechanical calibration is not necessary.

ToF scalability

pmd intelligence – fitting everywhere

Every technology finds its level – we have taken up position where others are out of their depth. The pmd depth measurement can be integrated economically in the smallest of spaces and optimized for different ranges and fields of view. Pixel resolution and power consumption can also be adjusted – an added value that only pmd can offer.

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